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Fosgate’s Game by David C. Cassidy: Frodo’s Review

Fosgate’s Game

Summary From Goodreads


For Chadwick Harlow, a peaceful, easy-going Englishman, after-dinner drinks with his business partner—a ruthless, hard-edged hunter—is a weekly affair. But when casual conversation takes a mysterious and menacing turn into the supernatural, his wits are put to the test in a deadly challenge. Clinging to life but praying for death, Chadwick must summon the will to survive, before all is lost in a terrifying descent into madness.


It’s time for another edition of Frodo’s Hobbit Sized Reviews! Short and sweet just like 2nd breakfast!

I stumbled across Fosgate’s Game while I was on Amazon searching for deals, because as we all know what I need is MORE BOOKS. >.> Ya, I might have a small book buying problem, but oh well. This one was free though, so huzzah!

What drew me to this book is I’ve played chess casually since elementary school. I was lucky enough to go to a school that had a chess club (a mixture of elementary and middle school kids, mostly the latter), and have loved it ever since, even though I don’t play as much as I would like to. Anyway, so I saw the cover and figured chess + supernatural elements + some sort of “deadly challenge” was bound to equal awesome, and it did!

cthulhu chess set

The story is mostly set in this creepy and ominous study with a strong thunderstorm outside, as these two “gentlemen” discuss the newspaper that they run and how one of them, Fosgate, would like to move up in popularity. We get this creepy tale, involving the chess set of course, and much of it is set in Germany which is a favorite of mine. There is also some discussion of WWII which was pretty interesting, I’m all for more historical content in my books. ^.^

Without spoiling the story I will say that the games of chess do play a huge role, and the supernatural elements are equally gruesome and fascinating, with the lone disappointment I have being that the actual games they played weren’t described at least a bit more in detail. Maybe that would ruin the pacing or the dark atmosphere, but it would have been fun for me anyhow.

The dialogue is excellent, and the whole thing had somewhat of a noir feel to it. Both characters were engaging in different ways, and watching Fosgate and Chadwick descend into madness was very entertaining. Overall, just a great short story and I definitely would recommend it. Thanks as always for reading, I’m off to go play a game myself! ^.^

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Frodo’s Review: Cold Blooded (Jessica McClain #3) for the Cold Blooded Blog Tour


Cold Blooded Blog Tour

Summary From Goodreadscold blooded

Jessica arrives back in town to find her best friend missing and the most powerful witch in the country is blaming her for it. But before they can move to save her, the group is attacked.

On the run, Jessica and Rourke head to the mountains. Several surprises await them, but in order to save her father they are forced to leave for New Orleans early.

Arriving on the Vampire Queen’s doorstep unexpectedly, and bringing trouble on their heels, the Sects are thrown into an all out war. The vicious
skirmish ends up forcing the vamps and Jessica to fight on the same team.

The Vamp Queen ends up owing Jessica, but what Jessica doesn’t realize is just how soon she’ll have to cash it in…


I am so excited to be part of the Cold Blooded blog tour! I’ve been hooked on the Jessica McClain series ever since I was lucky enough to win a copy of Full Blooded when I started blogging. Though I don’t have the giveaway on this post, if you would like to enter to win some awesome swag AND a SIGNED copy of the book you can go here or click one of the pretty pictures above. ^.^ Without further ado, my review!

Favorite line: “You can’t fight the threat in your underwear!”

The line I picked was chosen because it is a great example of the humor Carlson weaves throughout the entire book. You are going to laugh, constantly, sometimes from a witty remark, other times as a form of relief from all the tension surrounding the characters.

Jessica is a fantastic MC. She kicks butt constantly, refuses to let anyone get in her way even when she doubts the choices she makes, and is fiercely loyal to her loved ones, and even to some not-so-loved that she is forced to align with. Her sense of humor is sharp, her devotion to her mate is beautiful, and the bonds that she is able to create with all varieties of supernatural beings has more to do with her character than any magical properties she has. She doesn’t relish killing, or having to constantly exert her will onto people, really she’s a softie  underneath, but don’t tell her I said that. Jessica is someone you want to have on your side at all cost, and I love reading from her perspective.

The rest of the cast are just as engaging and Carlson makes sure that there are no throwaways. The baddies, though at times it is hard to tell if some of them are truly bad or not, are fun to root against and each have their own twisted motive for wanting to harm Jessica and her friends and family. The vampire queen is my favorite of the bunch. She’s a bit off her rocker, and conniving as heck, but I loved her tirades, the brilliance of her schemes, and the way she maintains an authoritative figure at all times. Oh, and the friends and family I mentioned? Well I can’t go into all of them as the cast is actually quite large in Cold Blooded.

For supernatural lovers there is everything you could want in this book and more. Vampires? We’ve got them in spades. Werewolves? Packs on packs on packs. Fae? Check. Demons? Oh you betcha. Witches? Hilarious, crazy, one a bit irritating (in a good way), and even a special surprise in this group. There are even spellcasters! There are a few surprises too, one I won’t mention by name and the other, Rourke, well he’s got something he’d like to show you. I think you’ll like it as much as Jessica did…well maybe not that much. ^.^

The story is a whirlwind of an adventure. Action junkies I found a book for you too! We have epic battles, daring escapes, rescues, fun car chases, and a bit of everything else you can think of. There is a TON of stuff going on in Cold Blooded, but it is so much fun to go along for the ride! Jessica has to save just about everybody, but is she up to the task? Oh and for you romance lovers out there, the one between Jessica and Rourke is so sweet, but steamy as well. 😉

If you couldn’t tell I really enjoyed Cold Blooded. It was so nice getting to experience these characters again, as well as meeting a few new faces, and learning sooo much more about all of them. The story is great as Carlson’s writing shines, the book is impossible to put down with all the craziness going on, and I’d recommend it to anyone. It is an adult book, but I’d say teenagers would be fine reading it as well, and would love it just as much. There is something in Cold Blooded for everyone. Thanks as always for reading, don’t forget to enter the giveaway I linked above, and if you want to check out what other people on the tour are saying about Cold Blooded click right here! ^.^

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Review: Peter the Wolf by Zoe E. Whitten

Peter the Wolf

Summary From Goodreadspeter the wolf

Peter Holmes is a troubled teen still grieving the death of his sister. A victim of long term abuse, he escaped his parents only to find life as a foster child is another form of torture. Now living with his fourth family after a stint in juvenile detention, his view of his future is bleak until he meets Alice Culpepper and learns about the world of competitive gymnastics. But as Peter trains in the Culpepper gym and tries to get his life on track, his growing friendship with Alice threatens his new life, his foster family, and even his freedom. As if things couldn’t get any worse, his insane mother just escaped from prison…


Warning: This book is highly controversial and includes detailed descriptions of abuse and child pornography. (However, I DID really enjoy it so please read on if you can handle the content!)


Review: Wicked Intentions by Charity Langley

Wicked Intentions

Summary From GoodreadsWicked_Intentions_Cover_for_Kindle

Life was bad enough when Lauren DarPayne hit puberty and sprouted a set of fangs, but now it’s hell.

After almost killing her boyfriend Derik and turning him into a vampire, she quit college and moved from small town Louisiana all the way to Atlanta, Georgia to be a stripper at Wicked Intentions. It’s good money, a great place to hide, and an easy meal ticket… well, at least until a psycho with some interesting non-human abilities starts eviscerating her coworkers.

Now, due to her past ‘indiscretion’ with Derik, the governing body of all cryptid, the Abattoir, is giving her an ultimatum: play bait willingly, or by force.

(This book is first and foremost horror. The deaths are brutal, and there is a rape scene. This book is not for the faint of heart)


I received an e-book copy of Wicked Intentions courtesy of Charity Langley in exchange for an honest review.

Wicked Intentions brings all of the standard types of supernatural creatures that we have seen plenty of lately (werewolves, vampires, and witches) but also expands into psychics, fairies and a couple surprises that I won’t spoil. You’ll get your fix no matter what is your favorite, though vampires and werewolves do make up the majority as is to be expected. There is also plenty of action for all of you readers that can’t stand slow buildups. Displays of supernatural powers? Check. Sexy scenes guaranteed to spice up your reading experience? You bet. Daring escape attempts, chases, and even haunting nightmares are all present in Wicked Intentions. Action junkies kick back and enjoy.

So what does that compilation sound like and what type of reader would enjoy it? Supernatural fans, especially those of varied and large casts are sure to enjoy it. Readers wanting a bunch of action to break up the story will be satisfied as well. Even the romance/naughty bits are taken care of. But read the part of the Goodreads summary that is contained in parentheses (it’s at the bottom), go ahead, I’ll wait. That’s right, the book is supposed to be “first and foremost horror”, that this book is not. Never once while reading Wicked Intentions did I feel any sense of foreboding, let out a gasp, feel a shiver down my spine, nothing. Every book has an identity, just as this one does, and while the book as a whole is quite good, horror it is not. Violence? Oh sure, and plenty of it, but it isn’t scary just as watching an episode of any Law and Order episode isn’t, but both are interesting nonetheless. Violence isn’t inherently filled with horror. Moving on.

The other issue I had with Wicked Intentions, unfortunately is the main character, Lauren. She is prone to jealousy at the drop of a hat, has absolutely no tact or compassion especially when it is needed most and in general tends to act like quite an arrogant and stubborn asshat. Yes asshat. I’m not saying every main character has to be likable, but having redeeming qualities that outshine the grating parts is recommended and Lauren’s don’t. Her supporting cast is actually pretty solid, and outside of a few repetitious bits involving one of the constants, Greg, the writing for them is great. They have depth, are easy to connect with and with some even relate to and supernatural or not they are believable. Lauren just doesn’t fit in with the rest of them. She has a few “excuses” for being the way she is, but they aren’t strong enough for me to give the way she acts at times in the book validity.

The plot is pretty old-school mystery (yes another genre thrown at you, but in this case it works). Crazy killer on the loose, cops, supernatural mostly, attempt to find them and catch/kill them (depending on what you read into it). It’s good, not overly formulaic with enough twists to keep you off guard (though one reveal was SUPER obvious) and the result was surprising enough. Not much to say about it really as far as specifics, just solid mystery meets supernatural.

My last comment is something that I made sure to clarify with the author before I posted in this review because honestly I thought something went wrong with my e-book copy. The ending was abrupt, like… did something get cut off somewhere, am I missing pages, what the heck kind of sudden. There is all this world building at the end and a bunch of things with central characters hanging in the balance and then… done. Yes this is book one in a series, I know cliffhangers and dramatic last lines can be fun, but the way it was left off left me cold. Sure I want to know what happens to the characters, yes even Lauren, but if I’m going to the length of confirming with the author if the copy I received ended prematurely you know that it wasn’t smooth. I’m really not trying to harp on it, I’m just flummoxed. Oh well.

Overall Wicked Intentions is a good, if perhaps an incorrectly classified, book that has pieces from all sorts of genres that for the most part blend quite well together. It’s a throwback to older mysteries while staying current with supernatural creatures both mainstream and rarely seen. The vast majority of characters are well done, they are relatable and believable as is the plot. There are flaws that could be corrected in the remaining books in the series, and Lauren’s character could use a major attitude adjustment, but I enjoyed the story. You’ll never get bored and the pacing the way Langley spaces out the action is excellent and keeps you enthralled. A good read. Thanks as always for reading and come back soon for my next review! ^.^

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