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New Blog Schedule!

New Blog Schedule!


I’ve been talking about a new blog schedule on Twitter quite a bit lately. While I haven’t finalized the image headers and what not that I’ll be using I have completed the schedule itself. Huzzah! So this will just be a quick post about what to look for in the future on ze blog, sound good? Let’s do this thing!

Monday: Mini Review Monday – The title is pretty self explanatory but every Monday (apart from today since I’m doing this post instead) I will do a Frodo’s Hobbit Sized Review! They are short, sweet, and, I think, a pretty nice and easy way to start off your week. A quick review to lighten your Monday woes! ^.^

Tuesday: Totally Random Tuesday – Again this is pretty obvious based on the title but this is where I’ll try to bring a little randomness to the blog. I also really like The Broke and the Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday meme, though I’ve never participated prior to the new schedule, and I’ll be mixing in some of those type of posts as well. You’ll never know exactly what kind of post I’ll do on Tuesdays and I think that adds a little excitement! Weeee!

Wednesday: YA Wednesday – The title isn’t set yet on this one but it’ll work for now at least. Most of my reviews when I started the blog are YA but that has changed lately and I’m trying to bring it back around to the YA I love and enjoy. Every week you will be getting at least one YA review this way so if that is your cup of tea (or coffee) make sure you stop by on Wednesdays!

Thursday: OFF/Open – No, I’m not going crazy and trying to post every day. I’m working full time and going to college (online) full time as well so I just can’t generate that much content. There may be posts on Thursday but nothing weekly.

Friday: Frodo’s Frisky Friday – This is the feature I’m really happy with. I’ve been reading more Adult/Mature Content/Naughty books lately, especially after I discovered Leigh Wilder and Zoe E. Whitten which made it to my small auto-buy author list immediately, and I wanted to feature those books. In order to do this while knowing I have a lot of younger teens reading the blog, and because I don’t like having to put warnings and “see more” tags, this day is devoted to books/pieces with mature content. Mostly these will be reviews but I may have an interview or guest post in the future. If you don’t like Erotica, reads with mature content, adult-oriented reads or what have you just skip Friday, I totally understand. Otherwise come on and enjoy the fun! I have a bunch of these ready to go! ^.^

Saturday: OFF/Open – Same as Thursday, another breather day for me on the blog. Again, there may be posts on Saturdays but nothing weekly.

Sunday: Standard Review Sunday – That’s not a title/weekly event necessarily, just a description for now. Sundays will be devoted to book reviews and while they may be YA they don’t have to be. There will NOT be any reviews that would normally fall under Friday’s content, I’m just leaving this one open to any other style of book I happen to have read recently.

So what do you lovely people think? Too much content? Not enough? Are the weekly features ones you would be interested in and are there any in particular you are excited for? Let me know! This schedule will officially start NEXT WEEK! I’m going to use this week as testing grounds because it is the first week of college, a full week at work and my last days to get content ready for the new schedule. Thanks as always for reading! ^.^

Monstrosities by Jeremy C. Shipp: Frodo’s Review


Summary From AmazonMonstrosities

A man with clown heads for hands. A city full of shape-shifting worms. A Cinderella story that ends with slaughter. These are just some of the monstrosities you’ll encounter in this horror collection by Bram Stoker Award Nominee Jeremy C. Shipp.

Table of Contents:
The Tunnel
Almost Paradise
The Little Glass Soul
Clown Hands
Flesh and Blood


Jeremy C. Shipp is one of my favorite authors and is on the short list for my auto-buy authors. As such it was no surprise that I really enjoyed this collection of short stories as I have all his others. There are 10 short stories in Monstrosities but I will focus on my five favorites, sound good? Let’s get into it!

The Tunnel: This piece is insane and intense. It’s thought provoking with an ending that sums everything up perfectly but is one I never saw coming. It’s frightening because it reveals how far we go to escape our reality no matter what we might lose. In the end our choices will make us who we are, defining us. A simple truth, yes, but an important one.

Worms: Shipp continues one of the darker collections I’ve read by him with Worms. Loss, reality crushing imagination, good intentions proven useless as grief overwhelms all else. While it may not be a long piece it packs plenty of emotion into the story and is extremely powerful.

The Little Glass Soul: With dark and sardonic humor on full display, The Little Glass Soul is a little bit of Cinderella mixed with some Snow White and twisted into a horrifying display of cruelty. The ending is very satisfying and I really liked Shipp’s take on the fairy tale, only he would alter it this way.

Clown Hands: This is the piece that shows off Shipp’s writing style the best. It’s reminiscent of his Attic Clowns stories, which I loved, and shows the darker/twisted inner thoughts of humans being forced to the outside. It reveals that human nature that we would prefer to keep hidden while keeping the humor flowing throughout the story. It’s a bit silly and that’s why it works so well. Loved this one. More clowns please!

Buried: Using smooth transitions and beautiful insight into the human mind, Buried shows how a different perspective can change everything. One person sees a murderer and thinks them unfit to live while that same person might commit crimes just as heinous and view themselves as the righteous one. Who is worthy to live? Is anyone? Or all we all excess? Fantastic story and a superb ending.


Overall I really enjoyed Jeremy C. Shipp’s latest anthology. There were a couple familiar tales for fans of his other work (Googly from Attic Toys and Figs from Here Be Monsters) mixed in with plenty of brand new hilarious and horrific stories. Monstrosities is a darker and edgier collection than Shipp’s previous ones as well as being more thought provoking. Shipp delves into the human mind farther than ever before with great (if creepy) results. You may not want to accept the truth as Shipp sees it, but it is hard to deny its validity. A must read for horror and humor fans. Thanks as always for reading! ^.^

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