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Secrets of the Eternal Rose Trilogy by Fiona Paul: Frodo’s Review

Secrets of the Eternal Rose Trilogy

SotER Trilogy

The Secrets of the Eternal Rose trilogy is an incredible action-packed adventure as well as a beautiful drama and love story. One of my favorite aspects of the books is the setting of Italy, specifically Venice and Florence, some of the most scenic areas in all of Europe in my opinion. I’ve wanted to take a trip to Italy, one of my ideal countries for a vacation, but Fiona Paul (aka Paula Stokes) made it feel so vivid and alive that it seems as if I’ve already been.


The main character, Cassandra, or Cass as she prefers, is a rule breaker, a bit of a wild child, but incredibly naive at the beginning of her journey. She wears her emotions on her sleeve, is far too trusting, and also can be quite rude and careless with what she says to those she cares about, especially servants. However, there is something that drew me to her, some quality that even after reading the entire trilogy I can’t quite place, but she made me root for her.

I will warn you, in case you haven’t read this series, that there is a love triangle. I know some people can’t stand them, usually myself included, but this is one of the rare cases where it works really well.


Luca is the model of a good man, there for Cass when she needs him, a sweetheart and a provider, and someone that’s inherently likable. He is her betrothed, something Cass takes some getting used to, but he doesn’t try to force anything on her unless she wants it. He wants her to just be herself because he loves her as she is.

Falco is the opposite. He’s a firecracker, someone who flits in and out of Cassandra’s life as he pleases, and is incredibly opinionated, often to a fault. He wants Cass to be more than just someone’s wife, but he pushes too hard sometimes, even though it is usually because he wants what he feels is best for her, and because of how much he loves her. Falco is lust, infatuation, and carnal desire to the extreme. He’s also a romantic, and though he’s often secretive, quite trustworthy.


I can’t go into too much detail regarding the plot because just about anything I could say about books two and/or three would spoil the ones before it. What I will say is that it involves battles, daring rescues, fires, plenty of exploration, the magical, and the scientific. These stories will dazzle you and thrill you, and they are incredibly addicting. What’s incredibly impressive is that each book manages to be an improvement from the last, and considering Venom was a 4-star book for me that is saying something.

I definitely recommend the series to anyone, from love story fans to fantasy, from science aficionados to thriller junkies, anyone can enjoy it. The world is depicted in vivid detail and heartstrings will be pulled again and again. If you haven’t read it already try out Venom and see what you think, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks as always for reading.

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