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Haunted Week: Back from the Grave

Back from the Grave

Haunted Week is hosted by This Girl Reads, all credit for these daily ideas goes to them. ^.^

Today’s post concerns the following: Get ready to dig up your past and bring some of your old friends back to life: Today feature five books you read and loved as a kid.

Now this is an easy one for me! I will be slightly tweaking this to be series instead of individual books, I hope you don’t mind! If you have followed my blog for a while you already know some of the series I will mention but here we go anyway!

1. The Dragonlance books – Yes I will be combining series! This is an amazing (and huge) set of fantasy books about magic, epic battles, and of course dragons! I loved these books and would often ask my grandmother (a librarian) to order the next three or four in the series so I could breeze through the next few in the part I was reading. I’m currently building my collection of these. ^.^

2. Harry Potter series – Come on, who doesn’t love Harry Potter?! If you’ve read the books you almost assuredly loved this series as much as I did. I don’t really need to expand on the awesomeness of this collection of bookish goodness. The sheer amount of rereads is scary.

3. Star Wars books – The sheer number of the books out there (and still coming out) is astounding. They are written by a ton of different authors but I have enjoyed every one that I have read (which is the majority). I am just starting to build my collection of these and I can’t wait until I own them all! I will probably have a MASSIVE marathon of Star Wars reading when this happens. >.>

4. The Bartimaeus Trilogy – I tore through these three books like I was a crazy person…which looking back on it when it came to books I might have been. o.o I loved the different “djinn” that had some of the best depth I have seen in books designed for younger readers. Fantastic books, I’ve reread them quite a few times.

5. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – Oh come on, you didn’t think I could go without mention LotR did you? I’ve been called some variation of “Frodo” for over a decade! I went to a LotR chat room for years, spoke elvish, had marathon reading/movie watching sessions, the works. These books were, and are, IT for me. If you asked me to pick one book (I own the one-volume version so technically…) to read for the rest of my lifetime this would definitely be my pick. Not even close.

This was probably the easiest post I’ve ever done! There are a bunch of books (mostly series) that I didn’t mention that I loved when I was younger but these were the five I remember pouring over when I was a kid. Some of the other series if you were curious would be The Inheritance Cycle (the Eragon books), The Pendragon series and the Redwall books. Thanks for reading! What books or series did you enjoy when you were younger? Let me know in the comments!