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Haunted Week: Tricked or Treated

Haunted Week: Tricked or Treated

Haunted Week is hosted by This Girl Reads, all credit for these daily ideas goes to them. ^.^

Today’s post concerns the following: Some books aren’t at all what you expected—which can be good or bad. Today feature five books you read that were either a pleasant or nasty surprise.

This is an interesting one for me, and a bit tough since I usually know what I am getting myself into when I go to read a book but I will give it a shot!

1. Shaq Uncut by Shaquille O’Neal – I got this as a Christmas present and though I had asked for it I had no idea what the quality of the book would be or what areas of Shaq’s life it would focus on. This was a case where I was “treated” to a wonderful read. I tore through this book loving every detail and I will be making sure to reread it soon. Fantastic.

2. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell – This was the first book that I read by Gladwell as it was assigned in my first year of college. I absolutely loved it, which probably comes as no surprise to those who read my blog since I have mentioned him a few times before. I now own all four of his books (though as you may have seen I have only read three) and he has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Definitely a “treated” one. ^.^

3. The Red Serpent Trilogy by Rishabh Jain – I’ve mentioned this book a few times (and wrote a review on it) so if you follow my blog you likely know what my thoughts on it are. This was my blog’s first DNF. I won this in a giveaway and when it arrived I was excited as it was one of my first few books that I won that were of the print variety. However, the quality of writing was poor to say the least and I quickly found too many flaws in it to continue reading. “Tricked” indeed.

4. The Sallie House: Exposing the Beast Within by Renee Pawlish – I won a copy of this book in a giveaway last year and had no clue what to expect. It was definitely a short read but I loved it. I can’t say that I was scared while reading (it takes a LOT to scare me via book/movie) but I did enjoy it, in the “treated” pile.

5. Owlet by Emma Michaels – This is another book that I have reviewed on my blog so if you are a follower you know where this one will fall. I was really excited when I found out that I won an eBook copy of Owlet especially since it had just been released. I read it expecting to enjoy the short read but was sorely disappointed. If you want to know more on how I felt about this book read my review here. “Tricked”, sadly.

I hope you enjoyed that mix of “tricked” and “treated” books! It isn’t often that I am surprised by a book but it is refreshing when I don’t know a whole lot about the book I am about to read because it allows everything to be new as I read it. Thanks for reading! What books “tricked” or “treated” you? Let me know in the comments!

Review: Owlet by Emma Michaels

Review: Owlet

I’m a bad blogger on this one as I forgot where I won Owlet by Emma Michaels from though I believe it was on the blog tour.

Summary From Goodreads:

Somewhere between falling and flying… there is a girl.

Iris has a secret. She lost her memory eight years ago and never told a living soul. After an asthma attack one night she finds out that her dreams of a strange house on a snowy island may be a memory resurfacing but the more she learns about the past the more she realizes the life she has been living is a lie. As the façade her father has built starts to crumble around her she will have to decide which means more to her; the truth or her life.


Owlet definitely gave me mixed feelings. This was a rather short book at only 138 pages and in this case that seemed to be a detriment. I found Owlet to be quite rushed, the plot always moving a bit too fast for both the reader and honestly the characters as well. There were certain parts toward the end of the book where there simply lacked a coherence that could keep everything running smoothly.

Due to how rushed Owlet was the characters were a bit underdeveloped. Now, the main character of Iris was fleshed out a good deal but many of the supporting characters that were brought in and done so in a way that expressed their significance did not get nearly enough detail for the reader to know or care about them at any meaningful level. I did find Iris’s character to be well done, if a bit more fragile than I expected, and I don’t mean because of her asthma though that certainly didn’t help. When you don’t delve into the characters enough and you rush through them to get to the exciting parts of the book it leaves them feeling hollow and not worth the reader’s emotional investment which detracts from the whole experience.

Then there are some scenes in Owlet where not only did it seem to be rushed but it was painfully hard to follow. I won’t go into details to spoil the book but suffice it to say an action-packed scene in the middle to late parts of the book was poorly written and even after I re-read it to ensure I didn’t miss anything I was still unsatisfied. In contrast to those sped up parts of the book there were certain scenes where stories were told and they were so tedious and uninteresting that I felt myself skimming and had to force myself not to.

One of the few somewhat bright spots was the scenery depicted of the island, that in particular was well done. I certainly would have enjoyed taking a nice vacation there and seeing it myself (were it real of course). A garden that was depicted was particularly lovely sounding.

As I was writing this review I realized how many problems I had with Owlet and though initially I was going to give it a more positive one it clearly was not a good read for me. The scenery was great and the story had potential, but it was far too rushed.

I believe the tour for Owlet is still going on so if you find it and enter (and win) a giveaway associated with it that would be the only way I can really recommend getting this book. I know this is the first in the series and I may read the second though I hope it is longer. As always thank you for reading and comment on the review, or if you have read it tell me what your thoughts on it are! ^.^

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22 on 22 Read-a-thon Update Post

22 on 22 Read-a-thon

This will be my update post throughout the Read-a-thon so check back here throughout the week to see how I’m doing!

If you read my Sunday Post then you know how crazy this week will be but I will be trying to get a good amount of reading in as there are a ton of books I have that I’d love to read! I won’t set a specific goal though I plan to read a minimum of 10 books and based on their page numbers (of the first ten I plan to read) that only averages out to 452 pages/day, easy! Oh and if you want to interact on twitter use the hashtag #22readathon!

*Took time off on Monday night from 5:45 PM – 10:00 PM CST to have some family time

Here are the first ten I have in mind:

As usual I will be doing the following updates for this read-a-thon:

Book I am currently reading: Wheels by Lorijo Metz

Books I have completed: Burn For Burn by Jenny Han, Owlet by Emma Michaels

Pages Read: 441

Time spent reading: 5 hrs 35 minutes

Mini Challenges Completed: Reading Habits

Snacks Eaten: Chips & Salsa, Orange Juice (1 cup), Mixed Berry Nutri Grain Bar (1), Dr. Pepper (3 cans), Pretzels


Reading Habits

Challenge: Answering general questions about your reading habits.

1. What book did you start reading for this read-a-thon? A: Burn For Burn though I was ~40 pages in

2. What is one of your favorite books to re-read? A: The Lord of the Rings books of course!

3. Do you have a strategy for read-a-thons to maximize your time? A: Not really, I just try to read as much as I can and update hourly if at all possible so I have a general idea of where I’m at.

4. Do you snack while reading? A: As you can see from the list of snacks above I certainly do! I am very careful not to allow any of those snacks to leave residue on the books I read though.

Sunday Post #4

Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by the amazing Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It is a chance to share news, recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.

I post my books that I receive in my Saturday Stacking The Shelves post so for my part I focus on the recap/preview parts of Sunday Post.

Last Week

Dark Light of Day by Jill Archer – Review (4/5)

The Reanimation of Edward Schuett by Derek J. Goodman – Review (4/5)

Random Post about Reminiscing and Books – Check this one out if you haven’t already! Please?

Waiting On Wednesday #3 – The Racketeer by John Grisham

Here Lies Death by Harlan Vaughn – Review (4/5)

Feature and Follow #2 – Stepping out of the “usual” genre(s)

Halloween/October Events – Bonus post about what I’ll be doing in the next two weeks!

Stacking The Shelves #6 – This week’s haul!

This Week (Planned but Subject to Change)

Monday – Review of Stitch by Samantha Durante & Initial post about Read-a-thon

Tuesday – Review of The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater & 1st update post about Read-a-thon

Wednesday – Waiting On Wednesday #4, 2nd update post about Read-a-thon & Ghosts of Books Half-Read

Thursday – Review of Owlet: Society of Feathers #1 by Emma Michaels, 3rd update post about Read-a-thon & Bats in Your Book Pages

Friday – Feature and Follow #3, 4th update post about Read-a-thon & Skeletons on My Bookshelf

Saturday – Stacking The Shelves #7, 5th update post about Read-a-thon & Back From the Grave

As usual it has been a pretty fun week here! I finally got to read Dark Light of Day which I had been looking forward to for months and really enjoyed it. I also read both of the books I had received in exchange for reviews and hopefully Derek and Harlan were happy with them! 🙂 The usual memes were a blast this week and I received plenty of great books both in the mail and in eBook format so I’ll be diving into more of those soon too!

This week will have the usual combination of memes and reviews including my review of The Raven Boys which I received an eBook copy of last week and tore into like a madman…or hobbit. I wonder what a madhobbit would look like…maybe like Gollum? Anyway, I digress. So I made a bonus post (link above) on Friday about the two Halloween/October events I will be partaking in. As you can see from the schedule above, and as I am slowly starting to fully grasp, I’m going to be really busy…and updating a lot. I hope that is a good thing for you. o.o Seriously though, I think the next couple weeks will be really fun and I can’t wait to experience all the bookish awesomeness that I know will await me. I really encourage you to go check out that post and if either event seems interesting to you please do join up and have fun with us! You don’t have to be like me (in other words a total nut job) and do every single thing, just reading one book during the read-a-thon or posting on one of the Halloween events would be fantastic! Anyway, there should be something fun for you to read every day so make sure to stop by! ^.^

Thank you for reading! I would love it if you leave a comment either with your own Sunday Post or what you think about what I posted last week or what I will be doing this week! Oh, and how many of you have participated in a read-a-thon? If you have what is your favorite part and if you haven’t what has held you back? Enjoy your Sunday! 🙂

Stacking The Shelves #5

Stacking The Shelves

A quick reminder that Stacking The Shelves is a wonderful way that we can share books we’ve won, bought, or been gifted in either printed or eBook form. It is a weekly meme created by Tynga’s Reviews that is generally posted on Saturdays.

Once again this week I have a ton of books to share! This week, due to some giveaway wins my print book haul is actually almost as big as my eBook one, a nice change of pace if you ask me! ^.^

The Freebies (eBooks)

Branded (Fall of Angels) by Keary Taylor

Captured (The Captive Series Book 1) by Erica Stevens

Darkness Falls (Darkness Falls Series Book 1) by Jessica Sorensen

Inhale (A Just Breathe Novel) by Kendall Grey

Stained by Ella James

The Chosen of Gaia by M. Mariz

The Deepest Cut by J. A. Templeton

The Master of Verona by David Blixt

The Poet and the Murderer by Simon Worrall

Wander Dust (The Seraphina Parrish Trilogy) by Michelle Warren

Whisper Cape (Book 1) by Regan Walsh

Won In Giveaway (eBooks)

Broken City by D.D. Chant

The Promise by D.D. Chant

Dark Dates by Tracey Sinclair

Stitch by Samantha Durante

Won In Giveaway (print)

Burn For Burn by Jenny Han

Accidentally Demonic by Dakota Cassidy

Ascension by Caris Roane

Scorched: The Dark Forgotten by Sharon Ashwood

Rion (Pendragon Legacy Book 2) by Susan Kearney

Darkness Dawns by Dianne Duvall

Burning Up by Susan Andersen

Four Play by Maya Banks

Insatiable by Lauren Dane

Samson’s Lovely Mortal by Tina Folsom

Amaury’s Hellion by Tina Folsom

Gabriel’s Mate by Tina Folsom

In Exchange For Review (eBooks)

Here Lies Death by Harlan Vaughn

This was certainly another great week in terms of a book haul and was easily the biggest in regards to the amount of print books. ^.^ Now to try and break down the giveaway wins, oh boy here we go again, first the eBooks. Broken City and The Promise by D.D. Chant were won thanks to Sarah Morton. Dark Dates by Tracey Sinclair was won over on Faye’s A Daydreamer’s Blog. Stitch was won courtesy of the lovely people over at Passionate Book Divas, I may do a review of this one.

Alright, now to the crazy print haul! Burn For Burn I won thanks to Ruth Gonzalez, that one I plan to likely do a review of in the coming weeks as well. Now ALL of the rest of the listed print books were from a giveaway by the amazing Kay Dee Royal who gave away an entire box of books mostly containing paranormal romance! I can’t wait to read them all if I can ever find the time! ^.^

Finally, I got Here Lies Death in exchange for a review which will be posted this coming week so look for that. That is all from me for now, look for my Sunday Post tomorrow with next week’s schedule and a recap of this week’s! If you’d like to follow me you can do so via the usual methods, and make sure to comment on any of the books I got or your own STS for the week, I do read them all! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! 🙂

**After posting this I found out that I won an eBook copy of Owlet: Society of Feathers #1 by Emma Michaels which was just released on the 9th as part of the Owlet blog tour! I can’t wait to read it. ^.^