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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 4

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 4


The awesome people over at Good Books and Good Wine came up with the fabulous 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge!

Today’s Challenge is: What’s the last book you flung across the room?

I’ve never flung a book across the room, at least not that I can ever remember, books are way too precious for that. However, I did come prepared with a book that brought me closest to making an exception to that rule, Darren Shan’s Zom-B. That book, review here, infuriated me. I loathed the characters, the plot, the dialogue especially and just the book as a whole. I hated that book and while I have given other books one star ratings, and more will be turning into them when I get to adjusting all of my numbers to the new rating system, none have made me HATE them as much as Zom-B. I detested the things said in it, not just because they were insanely offensive but because they never resulted in any changes that would give them meaning or purpose, instead the crapfest just kept going. So, I’ve never flung a book, but I’ve certainly considered it with books like Zom-B, what about you? Have you ever actually thrown a book? What book and why? Thanks as always for reading!