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Day 34: The Soulless by Michelle Scott

Day 34

Summary From Goodreads:  

The soulless are always hungry. They prey upon society’s outcasts – the lonely, the desperate, the guilty – feeding upon the rage and lust and fear hidden in these human hearts. Once they find a victim, they are able to erase the boundary between impulse and action, turning an angry thought into murderous rage and a simple desire into manic obsession.Only one person understands the danger. Evander Calhoun has spent a lifetime protecting his unsuspecting neighbors from these evil spirits, but – after a nearly a century of service – the old man no longer has the strength to continue the fight. He must find a replacement. But, despite the fact that Evander’s master was a nearly crippled, illiterate, farmhand, Evander staunchly refuses to consider anyone but a strong, young male for an apprentice. In fact, he is so blinded by prejudice that he is apt to overlook the best chance he has of saving his beloved town.


This review will be short and to the point, not because it is intentionally “Hobbit-sized”, but because of the nature of the review itself. The Soulless, sadly, is the first DNF or Did Not Finish of the year.

I had won the book months ago and was wary right away about reading it since it wasn’t really drawing me in, but it was a short book and I thought it could work around the Superbowl. Unfortunately my fears turned out to be justified. The Soulless has characters that are flat and uninteresting, a plot that jumps from one point of view to another faster than a bunny rabbit and dull dialogue. Also, I’m not normally one to nitpick on things like names of characters and such but “Moses Farmer” was as unoriginal as it gets, no thank you. I tried pushing through but after about halfway I gave up. There wasn’t anything endearing about The Soulless to make me even have the slightest desire to continue.

As for how this affects challenges and such, I still count it as a book for my 365 in 365 since I did pass the midway point. Even though I did not finish I made every attempt to and I feel no qualms about including it. Hopefully tomorrow I will read a much more enticing book, but if nothing else I’m glad I got this one out of the way. Thanks as always for reading and come back tomorrow for Day 35!

Mount TBR Challenge #28/150+; 2013 TBR Pile #28/50; Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge #34/365