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NaNoWriMo: Day 2

NaNoWriMo Day 2

Day 2 was a day of relaxation for me. I had created a gigantic cushion for myself after my insane Day 1 and so I decided to relax a little and let my brain rest as I watched YouTube videos and entered some book giveaways. I did fuel my creative juices with some podcasts that some fellow NaNos had done that talked about what they were planning to write about in a round-table format. They each would have a turn to use about five minutes and tell the group what their novel was going to be about. Afterwards the others would go around one at a time and ask for any clarifications they had and when those were completed they brought up some “what if…” scenarios. Due to how long they spoke they divided the podcast up into four parts and I listened to each one as they spoke about world and character building, how their characters would interact with others, how much research they had to do and whether or not they had “dirtied” up everything and everyone enough for their satisfaction. ^.^ I had a lot of fun and the hours flew by.

I finally settled in and wrote for a little while before my folks came home. I got a few thousand words in which is all I really had planned for the day so I was pretty happy. I participated in a few sprints and even a 1k1hr which is exactly what it sounds like. I highly recommend those, it is quite likely that you will far exceed 1,000 in that time frame and they really get your writing vibes going. My folks came home right as I was finishing up so I left my writing when the hour was up and went on a supper/family time break. It lasted a lot longer than I thought and I was quickly running out of time for the day. I couldn’t go right back to writing for NaNoWriMo because I needed to get my Stacking The Shelves post together and that always takes at least a couple hours. I worked on that and got it done and before I knew it I was starting another event I had planned for today.

I used to play poker a lot when I was doing an internet radio show about it and I still do tournaments a couple times a week. They are free but they do have prizes you can win and I know the people that host and play in them so I have fun. I managed to do really well in this tournament (finishing fourth) but it was completely consuming all of my writing time. During times when I wasn’t in a hand and when we went on our five minute breaks each hour I would try to get in as many words as I could. I was so close to hitting 25,000 and though that fact shocked me I knew I just had to hit it. I pulled it off and I’m at 25,016 now, halfway! ^.^ I can’t wait to focus on my writing tomorrow and hopefully I will get in another 5,000-10,000 since I will be more focused.

How is your NaNoWriMo going so far? Are you having fun? Have you been participating in any word wars, sprints, 1k1hrs or hangouts and if not why don’t you? I find them extremely fun and helpful to motivate me. Let me know in the comments if you’d like! Good luck! 🙂

Pages Written Today: 8.5

Words Written Today: 7,558

Approximate Hours Spent Writing Today: 4

Words/hr Today: 1,864

Total Pages Written: 29.5

Total Words Written: 25,016

Snacks Eaten/Drank Today: Dr. Pepper (3 cans), Yogurt (1 key lime), Pretzels (undetermined quantity)