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Finishing Series is HARD

Finishing Series is HARD

Recently I noticed that I had quite a few series that I was nearly finished with, but that I still needed to read the final book. I thought it would be a good idea to finish these last books one after another, that way I could say I had read a bunch of series to their completion.

I forgot one very important detail, I really, REALLY care about the characters involved in these, and there was a reason I had subconsciously been putting them off. I didn’t want to let my beloved stories to end, I couldn’t let go.

Let it go

While it wasn’t the end of the series, reading Secret by Brigid Kemmerer had that same feel of loss, but in that case I knew I would interact with these characters in the future with all new stories. However, I just completed two MG series, one of which I have come to love recently, and the other a series I began in my grade school days. I am now an emotional wreck because I am NOT alright with saying goodbye. I’m not READY. I just want to hug the books and hope one magically appears so I can keep going.

Let Me Love You

The two series I completed were the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series & the Artemis Fowl series. Both The Last Olympian and The Last Guardian were superb endings respectively, but it is right there in the title what kills me, I don’t want this to be the LAST anything! Maybe it is because the series are MG-ish and remind me of a time when my emotions made it seem like every little thing was SUPER important, or it could just be that they are both awesome and the age range doesn’t matter at all. I don’t know.

I love Percy and Annabeth and their cute relationship and the rest of the amazing characters and the ending was so good but aaaaah. At least there is The Heroes of Olympus to make me feel better with that one. However, I enjoyed the Artemis Fowl series just as much, and while the popular ship didn’t happen at the end I still thought it was a good ending anyway. But that’s it, that series is over, no more boy genius and quick witted elf or goofy centaur. How do I go on?

I Love You So Much

To top it off I have more of these series-enders in my near future such as with Rogue by Gina Damico, Horde by Ann Aguirre, and Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier (though that last one I think I will be fine with leaving). I know it won’t be much easier with completing these series, and yet I must endure in order to know what happens. The stories are too tantalizing to pass up, but I don’t want to say goodbye!

So how do you handle finishing series, especially ones you LOVE? That’s really what this post is all about outside of me rambling and pining for more Percy/Annabeth and anything Artemis Fowl related. Do you just push through to another series (or standalone) to force your focus in a different direction? Do you still miss certain series and wish that the story would continue, and if so does re-reading help or hurt you? Thanks as always for reading! *curls up into a ball of longing*

curl up into a ball