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Day 62: This is a Book by Demetri Martin

Day 62

Summary From Goodreads

From the renowned comedian, creator, star and executive producer/multiple title-holder of Comedy Central’s Important Things with Demetri Martin comes a bold, original, and rectangular kind of humor book.

Demetri’s first literary foray features longer-form essays and conceptual pieces (such as Protagonists’ Hospital, a melodrama about the clinic doctors who treat only the flesh wounds and minor head scratches of Hollywood action heroes), as well as his trademark charts, doodles, drawings, one-liners, and lists (i.e., the world views of optimists, pessimists and contortionists), Martin’s material is varied, but his unique voice and brilliant mind will keep readers in stitches from beginning to end.


While I understand that the style of the humor used in each piece does vary, This is a Book misses the mark when it comes to being a truly funny book.

This is the case most especially when it comes to the longer form selections. Some seem intended to be humorous, though not all, but many are flat and dry without any life to them. Socrates’s Publicist, Better Than Sex, A Christmas Carol (the Deleted Scene) and Eulogy all fell short in various ways, though mostly from excessive repetition and being dull in general (I picked one from each section of the book because truly this is a problem throughout). While they aren’t all that rough (I rather enjoyed Bee Sting with its multiple points of view) overall they didn’t flow, in each section or in the book as a whole.

The highlights of the book are similar to those you would find in Martin’s acts, quick, and more importantly short, jokes, and especially those with visuals to go with. His drawings and captions to go with them are quite funny and they do help to liven up the book some. He also includes random things on the pages that were, as he makes sure to point out, either intentionally/unintentionally left blank and those serve as a pretty cute transition. I had favorites in his shorter bits of course, such as his diagram on GPA & Limbs, the letter r and his two statistics sections.

While those highlights were enjoyable to varying degrees, because of how rough I felt the longer portions were I can’t say I really enjoyed this book all that much. I like Martin’s comedy and his style of humor when it comes to his shows, but maybe I’ll avoid reading things from him from now on, this just wasn’t for me. The writing was fine, but it wasn’t fun, and that distinction proved to be its downfall in my mind. Thanks as always for reading and come back tomorrow for Day 63 and the blog’s first ever giveaway! ^.^

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