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I’m baaaaack!

I Love You So Much

Hey everybody, Frodo is back in action! I took November off for NaNoWriMo as I mentioned in my previous post, and while it wasn’t the success I had hoped for because of a variety of reasons, it was a nice break. However, I am excited to get right back to blogging and even more so to let you all know my plans for 2014!

If you have followed the blog since the beginning of the year (and I LOVE you for it!) you know all about my attempt at 365 books in 365 days, as well as the fact that I quit on day 91. The problem with last year’s attempt was I also tried to do a review of EVERY book I read, something that was certainly ill-conceived. I didn’t get burnt out on reading as much as I did with trying to come up with meaningful reviews every day, some books just don’t elicit a big enough response, and trying to change up my style to keep it “fresh” wasn’t overly successful. So, 2014, what’s the plan?

365 books in 365 days is back for round 2! This time I also plan to do 365 posts in 365 days, but, much to your relief I’m sure, they won’t be all reviews. That would be boring for you and agonizing for me, and I realize that. So I will be reading a book/day, though not necessarily a book each day, I might read multiple ones some days for readathons and then take a break for a day, but we shall have to wait to find out!


As for the post/day it will be similar to what I did prior to November. This means there will be 2-3 reviews a week including a Mini Review Monday, Stacking the Shelves/Sunday Post every two weeks or once a month depending on how many I buy, and Totally Random/Top Ten Tuesday. YA Wednesday and Frodo’s Frisky Friday will both be features, but not necessarily every week. Also, on Sundays, regardless of if I am doing a book haul in addition, I will talk about my favorite book I read in the past week! This will not be in review form, but more about my happy/squee feelings while I gush about the awesomeness that is that particular book. 

That leaves plenty of days for content that as of yet I don’t even know about. Maybe I will add another meme on Thursdays, or try and do guest posts on Saturdays. Perhaps I’ll talk about other book bloggers that have amazing features going on or how much I love them, which is a LOT! I’ve got to keep a little “randomness” right? ^.^

As for December, it will be a bit lighter than I might like because I’m dealing with finals in college as I wrap the semester up, and I’m getting posts ready for next year so that it will be as awesome as I can possibly make it for you wonderful readers. I can’t wait for next year, and I hope you are excited for 365 in 365! Oh, and if you are wondering why I am trying to read so many books besides the fact that I just love reading, here is a big part of the answer. Behold, the majority of my print TBR.

Print TBR 3