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The Best (and worst) Book to Movie Adaptations

The Best (and worst) Book to Movie Adaptations

This idea isn’t original, and the ones I mention likely aren’t either, but I saw a similar thing that Book Nerd Canada did a video of and thought I’d give a few of my favorite and least favorite books turned into movies. Here we go! ^.^

Twilight – This goes for the entire series, both books and movies, as one of my least favorite. Sure, it was an influential series, but the acting in the movie was atrocious, the writing in the books at about the same level, and overall it was something even good cinematography couldn’t salvage. Blah. The-Lord-of-the-Rings-by-J.R.R.-Tolkien

Lord of the Rings – Of course I’m going to pick this one, I’m Frodo after all! The books and the movies are my favorites out of anything I’ve read or watched. The stories are magnificent, the movies were true to the books, and the lore that goes into the series is remarkable. Absolutely amazing in every way.

Harry Potter – Another obvious one, but something I couldn’t possibly not include as a favorite. Now, I will say the books were significantly better than the movies, and the movies didn’t stay as true to the books in some areas as I might have liked, but both versions were excellent quality and highly entertaining. This is easily the most re-watchable/re-readable series out there.

Holes – A really fun book turned into a cute and hilarious movie, Holes was one of my childhood favorites. I enjoyed the movie a bit more than the book in this case, but that was probably more due to my age and movies being a bit more of an influence at the time. Still enjoy them both. eragon

Eragon – If you didn’t see the movie version consider yourself extremely lucky. Eragon, as well as the rest of the Inheritance series, is a really fun fantasy series and the movie was AWFUL. The plot was twisted and bits were thrown at random which screwed everything up, the visual representation of multiple types of characters as well as specific ones were horribly done, and while there was some decent action scenes it was a complete flop otherwise. Ugh, this one still bothers me.

Jurassic Park – Finally, how could this not make it on the list as a favorite? I will admit to not having watched it in years, but the times I have were thoroughly enjoyable, and I have re-read this book which doesn’t happen all that often. The movie is on par with the books for me, and while the following ones weren’t even close, the original was a blast. So much fun!

So, do you agree with the ones on this list? Did you love some I hate and/or vice versa? What are some other book to movie adaptations that you have loved or hated? Thanks as always for reading! ^.^

2 responses

  1. I agree with all of these!! Twilight was freaking horrible and Eragon made me really upset…but Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are my life! I read Jurassic Park rather recently and was surprised at how much I loved it, even better than the movie which I also love. Two movies I wish were a bit better so that they would get sequels were The Golden Compass and Inkheart. I adore those books and the movies were pretty decent, but apparently they flopped so I’ll never see a The Subtle Knife or Inkspell.

    March 21, 2014 at 2:31 am

  2. Loved HP and LOTR, of course. And totally agree about the Eragon film. It was terrible! I never actually read Jurassic Park, though I really enjoyed the film. As for Twilight, I’m pretty neutral about the films. I didn’t hate them as much as others, but didn’t love them either. For the most part I enjoyed the books far more, though I absolutely hated the end of book 4 and kind of thought the way the film handled things saved it. Great post! Fun to talk about film adaptations! 😀

    March 21, 2014 at 10:09 am

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