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Frodo’s Frisky Friday: Taken By the Fairies by Celestia Dew

Frodo's Frisky Friday

Taken By the Fairies

Summary From GoodreadsTaken By the Fairies

Belinda is a young, innocent virgin fearing kidnapping and rape while traveling…instead she stumbles into a fairy ring and is transported into a fairy orgy. The fairies like virgins. They like them a lot.

Fantasy Erotica. 18+


It’s time for another edition of Frodo’s Hobbit Sized Reviews! Short and sweet just like 2nd breakfast!

Taken By the Fairies is an excellent naughty read as long as you go into it with the mindset of a humorous tale. Yes, the sexy times are a big part of it, of course, but for me what made this such a great read was how hilarious it was. Fairy orgies, globular breasts, thinking orgasms are brought on by fairy magic alone, and the ever popular gaping holes, all make appearances in this short story.

The sex scenes were pretty good in this one, just as with Taken By the Centaurs, and they are certain to get you aroused, well… assuming you are into fantastical creatures of course. Who isn’t though? Celestia Dew takes what a few other authors are doing with magical creatures and then adds a bit of depth and much better writing to it. Not to say her ideas aren’t her own, but in comparison to others trying to do this I’d say she is one of the best.

There are actual stories mixed in with the “fun times” in her novellas, even ones that are this short, and the characters are engaging enough to make you want a full-length version, something most erotica in my experience do not do. I definitely recommend it for a quick, funny read. Thanks as always for reading! ^.^

Goodreads 2014 Reading Challenge #41/365; Mount TBR Challenge #31/200; 2014 TBR Pile #31/50; 2014 Ebook Reading Challenge #16/75

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