Random Musings by Frodosco

Totally Random Tuesday: The I’m Not Abandoning You Edition


Totally Random Tuesday

If you have been following the blog recently you may have noticed that there wasn’t a post on Sunday or Monday, for this I apologize. School caught up and I was sick for the last week with a mixture of stomach, nose, and headache issues. Yesterday was the first day I managed to leave the house so obviously it wasn’t a funfest. However, I do have today as the last day of the wonderful Fraterfest readathon and I plan to read at least one more book, possibly two. I also have the next two days free of college stuff AND my favorite readathon of the year, at least for 24hr ones, Dewey’s readathon is SATURDAY!!! I’m incredibly excited because Dewey’s is always amazing, a ton of fun, and I have that day free as well so I’m all in on the 24hr book/twitter/challenge/awesomeness.

What does that rambling all mean? I’m stockpiling reviews, huzzah! I currently have six books read and waiting to be reviewed plus between now and the end of Dewey’s I should have that number into double digits which would be awesomesauce and amazeballs and all of the other goofy combo words we use now. So here’s the deal for this week. There will not be a YA Wednesday tomorrow, but there WILL be a wrapup post for Fraterfest to make up for that! There WILL be a Frodo’s Frisky Friday AND I’m doing another giant book haul Sunday Post to recap all of the amazing things I’ve received in the past ~3weeks, so hopefully that gets you a bit excited! Thanks as always for reading and I’m off to do some reading of my own! See you tomorrow! ^.^

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