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Frodo’s Frisky Friday: Jennifer’s Journal #1: Snatched by the Greys

Frodo's Frisky Friday

Jennifer’s Journal #1: Snatched by the Greys

Summary From GoodreadsJennifers Journal

My name is Jennifer, and this is my journal. My psychiatrist suggested that I keep a journal to write down my thoughts, particularly as they relate to a series of events in my life that no one seems to believe really happened.

You see. I was snatched by the Greys. Apparently they have a penchant for human women, or human pussy anyhow, because they fucked me six ways till Sunday before letting me go.

The Greys are a species of alien. At least that’s the way that I understand it. I’m not a scientist. Even if I were, I’m not convinced that there is a classification system for these creatures, at least not in the way that I learned in high school.

I’m not some sort of conspiracy theorist or crazy person. I don’t cover my head with tinfoil to keep the Greys from hearing my thoughts, and I don’t go to UFO conventions. Area 51 may or may not contain the remains of dead aliens and the spaceship they rode in on. I have absolutely no idea.

The only thing that I know for sure is what happened to me. I got fucked by aliens, and I liked it.


It’s time for another Twitreview! This is where I tweeted live as I was reading the story and I feel like it is the best way to describe my feelings toward the piece. A compilation of tweets that, at least in the last two cases, has resulted in much hilarity. I hope you enjoy!

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