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Frodo’s Frisky Friday: Frankenslime by Rock Bronson

Frodo's Frisky Friday

Frankenslime: A Sordid Sexual Horror Story

Summary From Goodreads

Warning: not for the faint-hearted or easily-offended, contains some of the most extreme and outlandish acts imaginable plus copious amounts of cartoon gore! Proceed at your own peril…

Innocent and naive assistant-professor Maura Kindle pines for Doctor Chester Franklin, handsome Adonis and brilliant scientist at the shady genetics institute where they both work. But behind his charming exterior, Chester is avile narcissist, who permits himself to love only one entity on earth — the bloated and makeshift cadaver of thrown-together limbs and body-bits that he keeps in his basement mortuary and refers to as “the Bride”.

Maura wants Chester to love her, but the brooding doctor only cares about her for her brains — Literally! Because the only thing Chester’s sexy monster still needs before she can live is a good head on her shoulders — Maura’s to be precise. But just how well-adjusted could a stitched-up gal like that really be when she finally comes to?


This review and book contains mature content

What the heck did I just read? I’m pretty sure that is the appropriate reaction to Frankenslime which is by far the most grotesque and bizarre erotica story, or truly any kind of story, that I’ve ever read. I read this piece at the suggestion of two of my favorite bloggers, Amanda aka On a Book Bender & Kelly aka Reading the Paranormal. It was both hilarious and confusing and the only way I can sum it up accurately is by doing what I am dubbing a Twitreview. I’m not going to attempt to explain it because it is both obvious and easier to show you, so here we go!


So ya, that’s my Twitreview. I don’t know how to better summarize my feelings than those tweets. It was bizarre, nonsensical and oddly satisfying. Also hilarious, in case you didn’t get that. Oh and it was free so if you click the picture you can read it for yourself. I hope you enjoyed my goofy attempt at a different review style! Thanks as always for reading! ^.^

Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge #123/200; Mount TBR #71/150; 2013 TBR Pile #71/50

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  1. *snort laughs* Oh, how I remember this! LOLOLOLOL!

    September 6, 2013 at 10:37 am

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