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Day 66: Prodigy by Dave Kalstein

Day 66

Summary From Goodreads

In the year 2036, the world’s best boarding school is the Stansbury School. The students, better known as specimens, are screened at a young age and then given twelve years of the finest education — and developmental drug regiment –available.

Stansbury graduates — physically and mentally — are in a class all by themselves. Four out of five go onto Harvard, Yale or Princeton; twenty out of the top thirty Forbes 500 companies have Stansbury CEOs, eight graduates have become U. S. Senators, and two sit on the Supreme Court.

But when a string of alumni are murdered, school officials — looking to avoid a public relations disaster — decide to keep the police in the dark.

They discreetly ask the school’s Valedictorian to solve the mystery, but he discovers that the most obvious culprit (the school’s resident chemically imbalanced delinquent — and the Valedictorian’s nemesis) is being framed.

Together, the two unlikely allies uncover a massive conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of the Stansbury administration and the United States government.


This was a random buy for me and the book kind of matched the purchase. The story developed slowly and the descriptions were rather lengthy throughout, and while that did add desired depth to certain aspects, it also made certain parts drag on longer than necessary. However, eventually it did pick up and the twists and turns (especially at the end) made it a worthwhile read.

The main characters Cooley and Goldsmith, the Valedictorian, were alright as main characters. Cooley had plenty of fight and personality to him, but it was mostly predictable for his character type and that lessened the impact. Goldsmith had the usual transformation from stuck up know-it-all to devoted friend. Again, predictable. The standout was Cooley’s girlfriend Sadie. Not only did she have the most interesting storyline but she had the most changes and twists surrounding her throughout the book so that she seemed quite unique indeed. I really enjoyed her character and the spunk that she displayed at times was fantastic. Her, and the #2 to Goldsmith, Camilla, kept me reading from a character standpoint.

The romances in Prodigy were good if unspectacular. They weren’t the focal point of the book by any means which was good, especially because they didn’t pretend to be, but they were sweet. Especially with Cooley and Sadie. The chemistry between the two of them, while baffling to their peers, worked very well. The romances revealed a lot about who Cooley, and especially Goldsmith, really are inside.

As I mentioned earlier, the plot was slow in the beginning, but because of it being in a school setting, especially one so strict as Stansbury, that did fit. Once the action really started to pick up there was plenty of excitement. Prodigy includes multiple firefights, a pretty exciting skirmish, some good old-fashioned slugfests and plenty of rule bending. The twists and turns near the end will keep you guessing and it will certainly leave you surprised!

Overall Prodigy is a good read, but not a great one. The opening bits took to long to get interesting and there was a lot of POV jumping and info dumping. The story was pretty good once it got moving, but the risk of losing some of the readers to disinterest in the beginning keeps Prodigy from being excellent for the masses. I enjoyed the book, but I’m not itching to dive back into that world. Thanks as always for reading and come back tomorrow for Day 67!

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