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A Month in Review: January

A Month in Review: January

Waving goodbye to January, it was fun (and cold!)

What a month! It was my first in my 365 Books in 365 Days in 2013 Challenge and by some sort of miracle I actually managed to read one every day! It was a bit crazy but I had a blast. Now to break down the month of January!


Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge/365 Books in 365 Days in 2013 Challenge – 31/365 Books Read

Mount TBR Challenge – 26/150+/2013 TBR Pile 26/50 – I got a bunch of books off of my pile taken care of and can’t wait to do the same in February!

2013 Genre Reading Challenge – 16/30 – Already over halfway! I’ve really enjoyed diversifying the types of books I read and I know it will get even harder, and more fun, as I continue. A few of the genres: Paranormal, Dystopian, Romance, Epic Fantasy, Horror, Contemporary, Spy.

Seriously Series Reading Challenge – 14/44 – I made some solid headway on some of my series! A few of the series I made progress in: Pendragon, Iron Fey, Divergent, Attic Clowns, Dragoneer Saga, Spellbound.

Monthly Key Word Challenge – 1/12 – I can only do one month at a time so a book a month it is! My book for this challenge in January was Snow White, Blood Red.


Number of Posts – 33 – 31 reviews, one “2013 Challenges” post & one post for the Bout of Books Readathon!

Activities – Bout of Books Readathon – 7 books read for 1,809 total pages during that week!


Views – 339

Comments – 32

What I Learned/Changes For February

I will admit, I impressed myself by actually being able to do so many reviews in January and keeping up with my challenges. I tried to vary up my posts by changing up the review style to fit the book (Hobbit-sized, Top 5/Top 10, Rambling/Rant, Standard) but outside of my initial post of the year about my challenges and the Bout of Books Readathon, that’s all I did, reviews. Some people might be completely fine with that, others might not. You can certainly let me know by commenting on this and I, of course, would appreciate it. After speaking with one of my best bookish/bloggy friends Eileen from Singing and Reading in the Rain I decided that it would be good to try and mix in a couple memes again. It means more work for me as I will continue to do the book & review per day, but it would add some variety and hopefully keep the blog fresh and interesting for readers. Also pictures, I must try and use more pictures to make the reviews easier on the eyes, so I will be working on that too.

If you’d like you can make specific suggestions as well! Use pictures or don’t and what kind(s)? Which memes are your favorite to see and why? Let me know! I’m currently thinking Stacking the Shelves & Waiting on Wednesday, though I may do Sunday Post as well, it keeps me accountable and on track each week and might help organize my posts/books I read instead of every day wondering what book and how I’ll find the time.

Let me know what you think about the possible additions/changes and also update me on how you are doing on YOUR reading challenges/goals so far! I hope you are keeping up or are even ahead already, you can do it! Thanks as always for reading! ^.^

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  1. I am dizzy, you did a lot this month!

    February 3, 2013 at 6:23 pm

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