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Day 30: Desolate by Ali Cross

Day 30

Summary From Goodreads:  

Where darkness lives, all becomes desolate . . .

It’s been two months since sixteen-year-old Desolation Black chose Earth over Hell and her friend Miri over her eternal love, Michael.

Desi goes through the motions of life: school, training, remaining vigilant against the forces of darkness, but her dreams are full of the choices she wishes she could change. When she’s injured by a strange demon, old temptations arise, and the lines between good and evil blur. Desi discovers those choices aren’t so final after all.

And this time, the power of love—for a friend, for a lover—may not be enough to save her from the darkness that lurks within.


Now this is what I’m talking about! Where Become, the first book in the Desolation series, focuses on developing the goodness in Desi, Desolate is all about the evil. Also, Become had to spend a large amount of the story building a religious-heavy framework, since that was already in place Desolate got to focus on action and lots of it.

The pacing and flow of Desolate was perfect, I couldn’t stop reading even if I wanted to. In Desolate there is a great mix of action scenes and internal conflict of the main character Desi. Where Desi felt like a secondary character in Become, something that bothered me a bit at the time, in Desolate the focus is all on her and the struggles she has with her darker side. The injury she suffers allows for her evil side to take control once more and slowly she loses the good part of her, and even her eons-long lover might not be able to bring her back.

Speaking of which, Michael’s thoughts are brought into the forefront at times in Desolate which helps to strengthen his character and give the reader a bit of insight into his thoughts and internal struggles. However, he really is the only secondary character that gets any major attention which is the only qualm I have with Desolate as I felt it missed out on capitalizing James’s character which was so strong in Become. Desolate also reveals a lot more about Hel, but to find out who she is and what part she plays you’ll have to read it for yourself (I’m such a tease).

The plot works well as the buildup feels natural and the character development keeps the story moving during the non-action scenes. The struggle between Loki/Lucifer and Odin/God and their respective forces intensifies and the ending? Awesome. Who doesn’t like a good climactic battle scene? I know I do!

I really couldn’t find any flaws in Desolate at all (outside of the secondary characters thing which was minor) and enjoyed the book quite a bit. Though it was kind of hard to watch Desi battle her darker side it was so well done that I couldn’t help but relish the journey. Overall a very solid read and one that I think would appeal more to mainstream audiences since it wasn’t nearly as heavy on the religious aspects. Thanks as always for reading and come back tomorrow for Day 31!

Mount TBR Challenge #26/150+; 2013 TBR Pile #26/50; Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge #30/365; Seriously Series Reading Challenge #14/44

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  1. I so needed this today. THANK YOU! Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

    January 30, 2013 at 4:17 pm

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