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Possibility for 2013

Possibility for 2013

So I won’t claim that this is an original idea because I have seen a few people try (and even succeed!) at this sort of thing before, but I think it would be fun and challenging. I am thinking of doing an “A book a day” type of deal for 2013. I would try and mix up what I would post each day to keep it as interesting as possible, reviews, mini-reviews, insane-fandomness, maybe some gif-filled posts, who knows! I don’t know that I would necessarily read one book each day in 2013 (though I’m not ruling it out), but with work that could be difficult, so I would focus on definitely reading 7 books a week in order to keep up a good pace. There is no theme or genre type for the books I’d be reading considering the amount is too large to effectively do so, and some novellas would be acceptable so that I’m not trying to essentially read 400+ pages a day and generating bags under the bags of my eyes. o.o

I would be reading both new and old books as well, and many would be in eBook form since my eBook collection is so massive which would help with not having to buy a TON of books just to do this or raid libraries. If any of you think this is a cool, fun idea that you would be interested in me trying, and that could be fun to watch me go crazy doing, than please leave a comment and let me know! I am more than willing to give this a shot, but some positive response to the idea would be greatly appreciated. ^.^

Also, this would not necessarily mean I would stop doing any other kinds of posts. I may participate in memes again (especially Stacking the Shelves & Sunday Post), post about bookish/bloggy goodness such as with readathons to join, and any other random stuff that strikes my fancy (hey randomness IS in the name of the blog after all). I hope that you think this is interesting and not boring or overdone and would like to see how the journey will go for me next year if I do indeed confirm I’m doing so. Thanks! 🙂

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